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3 Keys to Unlocking Growth amid Technological Convergence

For workers and leaders, thriving amid convergence requires a mindset of continuous development while HR leaders must envision new ways of combining human talent and automation to help their organizations prosper.

Technology and digitalization are powering convergence, blurring traditional boundaries in industries, organizations and everyday life. Look no further than your smartphone — born of the convergence of tech, media and telecom — that today can serve as an on-the-go office.

HR leaders are experiencing first hand how digitalization is blurring many conventional boundaries in work and the talent experience.

After all, it’s their role to lead the workforce through this digital transformation. The challenge is to understand the fundamental shifts in the way work gets done and how to effectively adopt automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

The following key considerations can help HR leaders as they look to uncover growth opportunities in the world of convergence.

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