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Four Actions Your Organization Must Take for a Sustainable Response to the Pandemic

The transition to remote work in the first few weeks of the pandemic was the end result of a 20-year trend toward digitalization, accomplished in just 20 days. 35% of the workforce is now remote, compared to just 2% prior to the pandemic. Many organizations have responded positively and taken swift action to change how work is being done, but it’s crucial to look and plan even further ahead to the post-Covid-19 future.

What does this post-Covid-19 future look like? Last week, Ravin Jesuthasan, managing director at Willis Tower Watson, joined us for a webinar in which he provided a blueprint for an ethical and sustainable response to the pandemic both in the near and long-term future. It’s too early to be certain what the world will truly be like, but Ravin provides a vision of the future that allows us to build a framework for our organizations. He predicts a trading off of the traditional pursuit of growth for a greater focus on flexibility, agility, and resilience. For organizations, this entails a sustainable reset of their usual approach.

Ravin shared four actions that organizations must take to have an impactful and lasting response to the pandemic.

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