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The Role of HR in the Future of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the changes to the Future of Work. Many of the trends we expected to develop over the next year have come to pass quicker than expected. CHROs, as a recent article in the economist highlights, are at the fulcrum of an organisation’s response to the crisis just as the CFO was in the global financial crisis.

Indeed, this crisis makes the main topic of this week’s episode with Ravin Jesuthasan on the role of HR in the Future of Work even more important. Ravin is one of the lead authors of a fascinating recent study called HR 4.0, shaping people’s strategies in the fourth industrial revolution, which is a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, Unilever, Saudi Aramco, and Willis Towers Watson, where Ravin is Managing Director.

In our conversation, Ravin and I discuss:

  • The six imperatives that comprise HR 4.0 which include building an agile learning culture, developing new leadership capabilities, and enhancing the employee experience.
  • Examples of organisations who are already experiencing benefits from an advanced approach to managing and developing people.
  • The key skills required by the Chief People Officer and how these are changing.
  • Why HR decision science or people analytics is the key underpin of the future HR function.

This episode is a must listen for CHROs and other HR leaders as well as those working in people analytics, workforce planning and employee experience roles.