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Rethinking how Work gets done in the Insurance Value Chain

New technologies, new work options, new opportunities to unlock value.

The digital revolution is transforming the future of work for the insurance value chain.

Insurers who can navigate the many emerging options for getting work done, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and talent on a platform, stand to gain significant competitive advantage.

The digital revolution, with its unprecedented pace of change and innovation, is transforming how work gets done across the insurance value chain from sales and underwriting to claim processing and payments. It is now possible for insurers to deconstruct jobs into component tasks and choose among many emerging options for completing these tasks, including AI and robotics, machine learning and talent on a platform. To capture the opportunities in this new world of work, insurers will need an understanding of the enablers of automation as well as a framework to guide their decision making as they redefine employment relationships and organizational boundaries.

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